The List Of Must Have Items For The Vehicle

Every vehicle owner has the bible (vehicle manual) and the emergency kit of equipment. These items are of critical importance for your vehicle. When you hit that emergency situation that came out of nowhere, you need the items to keep your sanity and get back on the road. This list gets fattened when you are planning road trips and long drives. There is the list of maintenance and repairs kits and equipment to keep like tire inflator and patch kit, vehicle jack, spare tire, extra charged battery and extra oil. But instead of these, there are other things that will help in surviving, as mentioned below. Multitool If you are going into the wilderness or live in it, then a Multitool is something to keep in your vehicle and pants.

These are great for small repairs, fixes and getting out when stuck somewhere. One of the most famous multitools is Leatherman’s ‘Wave’ which packs 17 tools in its tiny body. It has two screw bits (different ones), serrated knife, pliers, saw, scissors, can and bottle opener, wire stripper and such. It can cut through your seatbelt when you are in an emergency situation or make sure that your wires do not get entangled and burn out.

Motor vehicle accident lawyers Canberra in the area you are going to must be written down somewhere (preferably waterproof). Food supplies You will need to keep some ration bars or foods that are not easily spoiled. Canned items and dry food items are the best along with energy bars and instant food that are made with just water. Keep a water filter or some iodine tablets, empty water bottle and matches (or some sort of fire starter). You can add a lantern or some candles to this pack. Flashlights and spare batteries and a weather radio are good as well.

One of the critical items to keep in the vehicle (with car accident lawyers list for every state or province) is the first aid kit. For the basic kit you will need gauze, adhesive tape, elastic bandages, cotton balls, alcohol or some anesthetic, cold pack, scissors, hand sanitizer and antibiotic solution along with antiseptic solution (or wipes). You will need a seat belt cutter or buy a multi tool that can cut the belt. These cutters are available on supermarkets and you can get recommendations from your mechanic. Flares, reflective triangle, lamps and recharge elements for these items should be there in the vehicle. You will also need a map that is made out of paper along with a compass when your electronic devices give out.

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