Key Divorce Survival Tips


When people say they survived a divorce, they mean two different things. First, there’s the emotional survival. Divorcing is extremely difficult for some people to accept. It’s a major life changing event that both parties will have to come into amicable terms with. The other aspect is financial survival, dividing assets and wealth formerly shared between two spouses. None of these things is easy. Divorce cases can drag in courts forever. So, here are a few tips to ensure that you survive your divorce:

Hire the Right Legal Counsel

Just about any lawyer will not do to handle your divorce cases. When lawyers get licensed to practise, technically they can handle any case in front of a court. However, lawyers tend to specialise in certain fields, like civil or criminal. Under the civil category, there are family law solicitors who specialise in divorce cases. These people know the legalities of marriage like the back of their hands. Therefore, it’s one of these that you would want to handle your divorce; not a criminal lawyer or a litigation attorney.

Confide in Others

When you are going through a divorce, the stress can feel immense, especially if you have children. Ideally, you would seek a therapist. If not, at least you should confide in someone you can trust but is not involved with the divorce case in any way. Though your confidant will not be able to give your legal tips, you can unload the stress and feel much lighter, and better. If you have children, it’s highly recommended to get them a confidant as well.


The legal aspects of divorce can get unbelievably murky. The family law solicitors your ex hires will do their best to make sure the waters stay muddied. Therefore, devote considerable amounts of time during the day to do your own research on marriage laws, asset separation and joint accounts. Do not procrastinate. If you have any questions, ask your attorney. Also, seek advice from friends or family who have undergone divorce in the jurisdiction where you have filed the case. If you seek the advice of the most trusted family lawyers in Australia, just check this out

Don’t Throw Mud at Each Other

Right now, you might feel like strangling your ex, or at least hurt him or her worse than they did to you. Hold in that impulse. This is an immature tactic that usually backfires. You don’t want to appear unhinged, vengeful and outright crazy in front of a judge once your divorce case is proceeding. Your ex’s attorney will certainly use the mud you sling at your ex to their advantage.
Divorce is never easy, but it will be at least slightly better if you follow the tips above.

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